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Czech Republic

An amazing place – in the very heart of Europe, famous especially for its culture, historical monuments, cuisine, castles, churches, spas... and 12 UNESCO sites! You can read more about this wonderful country here:

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    Prague has been the capital of the Lands of the Czech Crown since 885 AD. Strategically situated on a bank of the Vltava river and at a crossroads of old trading paths leading from the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea, it was chosen as a seat by the prince Borivoj, the first Czech ruler mentioned in historical documents.

Czech republic
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    The Lands of the Czech Crown (Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia) have a thousand-year history. It is a result of a great mixture of various cultures and traditions of most different nations and tribes that from times immemorial have inhabited this place. The Celts were the first to come, then came German tribes and, at the beginning of the 6th century AD, came the Slavs.

UNESCO sites
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    The Czech Republic is one of the countries relatively rich in cultural monuments included in the UNESCO programme within the framework of the planet as a whole. As far as concerns the number of these monuments on its territory it is ranked among the first twenty out of a total of 118 sovereign states recorded in the year 2000 among those who signed the World Heritage Convention.

Practical info
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    Tourists coming from countries which are members of EU are not obligated to carry passports neither have visas. It is sufficient for them to carry a national ID document when travelling to Czech Republic. Tourists coming from countries which are not members of EU must have passports which are valid for at least 90 days from the day of their arrival.

Spa towns
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    There are many mineral springs at the Czech Republic which have been used for medicial purposes since the early 15th century. Czech spa towns are attractive for their urbanistic layout in natural landscapes and their specific spa architecture. Czech spas were frequented by a highly sophisticated clientele.

Castles and chateaux
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    Nowadays, most Czech castles and chateaux are owned by the state even though many were returned to their original owners, whether aristocratic families or church institutions. Those old-new owners have kept their property open to the public. Nearly 60 castles, chateaux and castle ruins are currently listed in the Register of National Cultural Monuments, several are included in the UNESCO list of world Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites.

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